Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Strawberry, Mint, Elderflower and Gin Cocktail

There is a bit of an elderflower theme going on at the moment on here but I do like to make the most of something while it's around. Having the elderflower syrup present in my kitchen means I am forever thinking up new ways of using it. I adore strawberries and mint and they are heavenly together so I felt like being brave, getting my muddler out and knocking up a summery cocktail. With all this glorious sunshine it would be rude not to.
You will need (for two long cocktails):
Around 150g strawberries
A few mint leaves
100ml gin
50ml elderflower syrup
Tonic or soda to top up
Remove the green bits of your strawberries and put them into a large glass or jug with the mint leaves. Bash, bruise and beat the strawberries and mint together until well muddled. I thought it looked and smelled pretty good at this stage without anything else added. I was surprised how much juice came out of the strawberries.
Add the elderflower syrup and gin and mix together. Pour this into two tall glasses and top up with tonic or soda. Be careful when you top the glass up as when I topped up with tonic the slushy fruity bit started to froth out over the top. Slowly but surely was my friend for topping this up. Add a few fresh mint leaves and a strawberry to the glass if you're feeling adventurous.
The sun was streaming through the window, Wimbledon was on the television and I was merrily sipping away on this; a lovely afternoon by all accounts. Mint, strawberry and elderflower are all happy campers together and I'm yet to find anything that gin doesn't go with. I was pretty pleased with the outcome considering it was made from whatever I had in the fridge; I will be trying that method again!


  1. I've just sat down to catch up on all the blog posts I've been missing and I'm parched. I'd happily swap my rather large mug of tea for your very elegant, refreshing gin, elderflower and strawberry cocktail :-)

  2. I love elderflower and gin together! Amazing cocktail! :)

  3. this looks so absolutely refreshing and delicious Caroline! I seriously need to get my hands on elderflower syrup!

  4. What a refreshing and beautiful cocktail!

  5. This cocktail looks absolutely beautiful :D


  6. Usually not a fan of gin but this cocktail looks very summery and delicious!

  7. Oh yes, its heavenly and being a Saturday, I am all excited to see the gin added inside.

  8. Not a gin fan, but this would be great with vodka (or tequila!)!!!

  9. what a beautiful beverage! i can't recall ever having mint with strawberries, but it seems like a natural pairing!

  10. I love this refreshing drink! I'm not much of a drinker but when it comes to fruit drinks, I'm all in! YUM!


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