Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Trifle

I'm not one for Christmas pudding or Christmas cake. It's a bit too intense for me. I think if I made my own my opinion may change but until then I'll stick to alternatives. It doesn't help that I despise marzipan. To make an equally lovely centrepiece I thought I'd try my hand at a festive trifle: mulled wine jelly, panettone and orange juice and softly whipped cream reminiscent of a snow scene. All it needs is some edible glitter; but they'd run out when I went to get some.
You will need:
400ml mulled wine
5 sheets gelatine
100g sugar
160ml water

Few slices panettone
2 tbsp fresh orange juice

150ml double cream
Make the jelly by dissolving the sugar in the water on a low heat. Put the gelatine into some cold water. Bring the sugar syrup to a boil then remove from the heat, squeeze out the gelatine and then stir it in to the sugar syrup. Add the mulled wine and stir well. Pour into the dish you'll be serving the trifle in then refrigerate until set.

When set, lay the slices of panettone on top of the jelly and drizzle over the orange juice. Whip the cream until firm and then smooth over the top of the panettone. Decorate however you like. Refrigerate until needed.
I remember the last time I made mulled wine jelly the mulled wine went slightly cloudy. I think my gelatine may not have been completely dissolved. However, puce aside, this tasted marvellous. Soft cream, light and fruity panettone and punchy wine jelly taste like a selection of great Christmas desserts all in one spoonful. If you are or you know a Christmas pudding hater, give this trifle a try as an easy alternative.


  1. Our Christmas Pudding substitute is a sort of trifle made "Black Forest Style" with a chocolate Swiss Roll, tinned cherries, jelly, cream etc - rather similar to your trifle. We finish it with grated chocolate on the top. It's always more popular than the pudding!

  2. Cakes with all those heavy stuffed inside isn't for me too. I am with you on this truffle. Looks like we have something in common about desserts.

  3. Perfect holiday dessert! And I love your cute :)

  4. This Christmas dessert sounds delicious! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. What a yummy, creamy dessert! Too good not to try! :) ela

  6. Me encanta este postre una verdadera delicia,abrazos y Feliz Navidad.

  7. i've heard many wonderful things about authentic trifle, but i've never actually tried it. yours sounds fantastic!

  8. SO excited to see this! I'm making a chocolate hazelnut trifle with strawberries for our Christmas dessert this year! Great minds think alike :)


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